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A 233017 Slash-Cut end cap, 90 degree rotatable 148.71 CHF
B 233018 Large Fin Fish-Tail end cap 298.65 CHF
C 733054 Small Fin Fish-Tail end cap 298.65 CHF
D 233019 Turn-Out 2.5" end cap, 90 degree rotatable 238.68 CHF
E 733100 Turn-Out 3.5" end cap, 90 degree rotatable 238.68 CHF
F 233016 Tapered end cap, 90 degree rotable 148.71 CHF
G 233020 Diffuser discs (6 pack) 58.74 CHF
H 233021 Diffuser discs (12 pack) 88.73 CHF
I 233538 Internal end cap new style, 3 bolt 43.76 CHF 15.79 CHF
J 233539 Internal open end cap new style, 3 bolt 43.76 CHF
K 233186 Bolt packfor 3 bolt cores, contains 3 pcs. 8-32x1 1/4" and 3 pcs. 8-32x2" Allen Heads 43.76 CHF

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Prices are based on EUR to CHF interbank rates obtained daily. The interbank rate is the rate that banks trade currency to each other. These prices must be used as a guide.

Note: Except where mentioned differently, all exhaust systems, mufflers, drag-pipes, etc. shown in our catalog, are for closed course competition or in show competition only. They will not meet legal noise and emission standards.
Note: The adjustable disc system is accessible through the removable end caps, which are available in four different styles as replacement. Systems are made from highly polished steel tubing which then receives a brilliant chrome plated finish. Mounts to the stock factory mounts. For replacement parts see section: Accessories and replacement parts for internal disc series.