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Harley used the Active Intake System (AIS) on 2007 Touring and 2007 thru 2015 Dyna & Softail and the Active Exhaust System (AES) on the European 2007 thru 2016 Dyna & Softail to comply with the latest EU noise emission regulations. The AIS creates a problem for those who want to install an aftermarket air cleaner as removal of the air cleaner back plate will cause the AIS to light a "Fault" warning light on the dash. Installation of this Trick Box Bypass module fools the OEM on-board computer and eliminates the "Fault" light problem. The AIS Trick Box is an OEM style connector that simply plugs into the 2-way socket in stead of the stock Active Intake solenoid plug.
The Active Exhaust System (AES) is an ECM-controlled electric motor to open or close a valve in the exhaust system to meet the EU exhaust noise standards. For those who want to install a complete aftermarket exhaust system it is necessary to trick the ECM "Fault" warning module to prevent the warning light coming on on the dash. The AES Trick Box also plugs into the stock wiring harness and replaces the signal from the original exhaust stepper motor and stops the light coming on.



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745584 Set of two by-pass modules for use with aftermarket air cleaner (without Active Intake System) & and aftermarket exhaust (without Active Exhaust System) 42.53 CHF
702022 Active Intake System bypass module only 18.14 CHF

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