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Freedom Performance Amendment exhausts feature one piece 2 1/2" (64mm) outer diameter 16 gauge heavy duty heat shields that cover the headers for a full 220 degrees and they have a two-step header system for performance. Race version exhausts give a true Hot Rod sound and feature removable baffles. Quiet baffles are separately available. All Amendment exhausts are equipped with O2 sensor ports and come with plugs for use on models without O2 sensors. These exhausts come complete and ready to bolt on and include stainless steel hardware and brackets.

Scratches on heat-shield
Sold as it is, no stock return, no warranty


Dyna ab 2006, ausser FLD Switchback
E-geprüfte Versionen:
Twin Cam
Komplett verchromt 764318B764318B
CHF 1 417.60

CHF 1 063.21

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