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Ready-to-install Right Side Drive transmissions built around our TPD RSD transmission conversion kits. We have completed these transmissions with our high quality low-noise gears for hundreds of thousands of miles dependable service. The gears and shafts used are of such a high quality that they feature a 5 year or 100.000 km warranty. These RSD transmissions are designed for use with up-to 300 wide rear tires when used with a stock style drive pulley. Those who want to use an up-to 330 wide rear must also order the RSD 330 offset kit, which includes an offset drive pulley, extended clutch push rod, and a spacer ring for the pulley cover/clutch actuator. To allow you to make your own choice between hydraulic and cable operated clutch the matching pulley cover/clutch actuator must also be ordered separately.

FXR, Dyna and FLH/FLT style RSD transmissions can be build to order.

Blisters under coating
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RSD hydraulic operated clutch actuator/pulley cover, black

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