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Two Brothers Racing 2-into-1 exhaust systems are designed to deliver maximum torque. They feature race-inspired stainless steel headers that shave pounds off the competition to ensure a long lasting, weather-resistant, amazing sounding exhaust. Exhausts come complete with heat shields. From the engine, the exhaust flows through our 1 3/4" stainless tubing which includes O2 bungs to accommodate both stock and 18mm sensors. From here the exhaust steps up to 1 7/8" before dumping into the spring retained collector for increased torque. The exhaust then emerges from the collector into a 4" diameter muffler to deliver an unparalleled sound upon exit. Competition-S exhausts feature removable end caps in aluminum or carbon fiber.

783037B Already installed E-inserts
753139B Silent inserts fitted
Sold as it is, no stock return, no warranty


Fits 2017 to present Touring models Race Version:
ZDCE8136 ZDCE8137
Chrome Finish, Competition-S muffler with polished aluminum end cap 753139B
CHF 1 524.40

CHF 1 371.96
Silent inserts fitted

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